Monthly Archives: May 2001

New Sylphide photos

san066syl090cThe beautiful German lady, Sylphide, has updated her site with new photos. Sylphide is showing corsets in everyday clothes and context and tries to popularize the wasp-waist obtained by tightly laced corset, as an accepted feminine attribute. Besides the photos, she has a quite elaborate FAQ.

Miss Lilly Interview

MissLillyMiss Lilly of The Lilly Guild was interviewed by Mind Caviar (adult). Miss Lilly produces custom made corsets in various style that are priced US$350 and up. She wear corset herself, boasting a nearly 22 inch waist fully corseted.

Vena Cava Design Corsets

JenSilverViola1Vena Cava Design is a UK based company that make corsets made to measure. They currently offer eight different styles and use Coutil, Satin, Brocade, PVC and leather. The price range from £45 for their waist cincher (Lucetta) in Coutil, over £105 for a Victorian style corset in Satin (Viola) and up. Prices naturally depends of model and fabrics used.