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Tatjana Gsell

Tatjana Gsell31 year old German jetset Tatjana Gsell is under suspicion of killing her ex-husband Dr. Franz Gsell. Dr. Franz Gsell was a 66 year old cosmetic surgeon and she was a 21 year old poor office clerk when they meet 10 years ago.

Donna Ricci

Picture-20036Donna Ricci is a gothic supermodel and have appeared in numerous catalogs, magazine and shows. She has a neat waist of 23″ and love corsets.
Photos used with permission.

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10 inch waist

Today we have received reports about a young european woman with a most incredible figure. According to the information, she has a waist size of a little more than 25 cm (10 inches) measured at the smallest size over her waist. The photos, which is not available for publication, shows an hourglass figure. She is quite petite, 148 cm tall and in her early twenties. She has worn corsets for many years, partly inspired by her mother which also is a corsetwearer, but with a less drastic waistsize. Due to the small size of her waist, she is on a special diet and her health condition is under medical supervision. No other information about her location, health or how she acheived her current figure is available at this time, but concerns for her privacy has been expressed.
(Note: This was published on 1. April!)