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Lovely Creature Corsetry

newcoutilblack-767175Lovely Creature Corsetry was started in 1996 by Shaerie Raulli Mead. Besides making corsets and costumes, she does consulting and bookkeeping for smaller businesses, and teach corsetry and pattern making classes in Santa Monica. She receive customers in her studio in Hollywood on various days and by appointment. You can also read about her in her journal lc_corsetry on LiveJournal.

Diva Corsets

side_photoDiva Corsets have a shop in London as well as a detailed website. They make a range of corsets and corset-dresses suitable for fashion use and for wearing as outer garment. Their collection is available for individuals and for wholesale.

Scarlett’s Corset

Amy-61_380x400The Dallas (Texas) base Scarlett’s Corset made corsets in various styles and fabrics: Fancy dress, Basic, Casual Fabrics and Leather. The corsets were based on a Victorian pattern, and made in 3 layers with 26 flexible steels stays and 6 flat steel stays in the fabrics corsets. Price were from US$155 for a basic corset to US$255 for a leather corset, and various fabrics to choose from

Practical Corsets

2006_0706website0026Practical Corsets made and sell corsetry, fitted bodices and dresses, skirts, trousers and accessories. The corsets were naturally hand made and made according to customer wishes. Fitting for wedding gowns were in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.