Monthly Archives: November 2006

Lacies Korsettgalerie

DSC_7505partwLacies Korsettgalerie had news, information, videos and photos of the famous German woman Lacie. Lacie has a quite remarkable figure, as you can see on the photos. In these photos, she is laced into a custom made corset with a 17″ waist.


La magie des corsets

FaceRsLa magie des corsets is located in the French town of Brest. The owner – Rozenn Castel – makes made-to-measure corsets. The corsets can be made in different fabrics and with a variety of accessories. She doesn’t have a pricelist, so you have to get a quotation first, but the shown underbust corset has a price tag of €235. Payment can be made by credit card through Paypal.

Cathie Jung

Cathie JungJPToday’s online edition of the Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten had an article the mentions Cathie Jung in connection with Guinness Word Records (Warning: confusing web design). 2.244 rekordforsøg på vej is about the longest chain of bras in in South Africa, the largest tea party in Japan, and the longest simultaneous kiss in Paris.