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Pixee Fox

Pixie Fox is a 25 year old Swedish woman which has desire to transform herself into a living doll. She has transformed her body through surgery, including removal of six of her ribs. To further reduce her waist and to support her, she is waist training with corsets. Before she started her transformation, she had a 56 cm (22 inch) waist which now has become a 46 cm (18 inch) waist and she is wants to make even smaller, down to 36 cm (14 inch). Particular after having some ribs removed, she prefers wearing a corset to support and protect.

She used to work as an electrician in Stockholm and has always admired the female cartoon figures, like Jessica Rabits which are very curved and have extremely tiny waists. Five years ago she began having surgeries to change her appearance. She has moved to North Carolina in United States to continue her transformation and also work as glamour, catalog and promotional model.

More information is available on her web site The Pixee Fox  which contains links to various social media, and Barcroft TV features her in the video Model Has Six Ribs Removed In World’s Smallest Waist Bid on Youtube.

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Diantha Dove tightens her corset

Tightlacing-snapshotMany women tightens their corsets every day. Some of them have someone to help them, while other others do it themselves. Diantha Dove posted the video Tightlacing on Youtube, where she shows the tightening process and the attractive result.

Kelly Lee Dekay on Barcroft TV

Kelly Lee Dekay modellingIn October 2014 Barcroft TV released the video about Kelly Lee Dekay on Youtube: Corset Enthusiast Shrinks Her Waist To An Extreme 16 Inches. Kelly was always facinated by comic figure and how fabric and flesh could be reshaped to create a dramatic figure. Her favorite comic figure is Storm and Jessica Rabbit. She started to wear corsets at the age of 20, and seven years after, she usually keeps her waist between 16 and 18 inches. Kelly loves this ratio on her body, i.e. the proportion of the small waist and her hips and breasts, and does not want to become smaller. Healthy eating is usual for her and she avoids any food that make her bloated and all carbonaited drinks. However, she loves to indulge in burgers and Macerone. People do comment on her figure, and that she looks unnatural. Kelly points out her blue hair and large breasts, and asks “What parts of me scream that I want to look like everybody else?”

Romanie Smith

Romanie Smith-01Romanie Smith is a 20 year old fetish model from Colchester, Essex in the United Kingdom. She wear corsets a couple of times per week and during photo sessions, and she can currently achieve a 18 inch waist. Her aspirations is to continued wear and hopefully reduce even more. Despite enjoying the way it has improved her figure into more a more feminine shape, she warns young teenagers of attempting to wear corset in unhealthy ways. Watch more in the Fetish Model Wears 18 Inch Corset For Perfect Hourglass Figure video from Barcroft TV. Other medias also covers her: Meet Woman With 46cm Waist Who Wears Corset 6 Hours A Day, Fetish model squeezes herself into rib-crushing corsets for SIX HOURS a day in a bid to have world’s smallest waist (but is currently three inches short of record) and Model wears 18-inch corset in bid to achieve eye-wateringly tiny waist.

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Romanie Smith-06
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Aleira Avendaño

Aleira AvendañoAleira Avendaño is a 25 year old model from Venezuela, which has undertaken serious corset training for the past six years. Her remarkable figure is a result of determined wear of corsets 23 hours per day, very healthy diet, physical excercise and some cosmetic surgery. She says that now the corset is just a feeling of pressure, and she currently has the Measurements of 97/52/115 (cm of breast/waist/hips). Find more about here on Barcroft TV on Youtube Model Wears Corset 23 Hours A Day To Achieve 20 Inch Waist , Aleira Avendaño on Facebook and @AleiraSexy on Twitter.