German corset museum

The Miedermuseum (Corset Museum) in Heubach was founded in 1971 by the initiative of the mayor in Heubach Friedrich Schenk in collaboration with the corset producers located in the city at that time: SUSA-Werke GmbH and Triumph International. Triumph International remains operational in Heubach. The museum was located in the town hall until it was moved to the first floor of the Heubach castle in 2005.
The museum displays corsets made by the local corset companies, including woven corsets of which Heubach was a center of the manufactory in the mid-19th century.
It is supposed to be the oldest existing corset museum in Germany, if not the world.
Opening hours and other information are available on their website:


lacedlilly is an occasional tightlacer from Sweden, so she doesn’t lace regularly. She is in her early thirties and got her first cheap corsets in 2014 but they didn’t do much for her figure. Later in 2016, she got her first “real” corset. Later she also started using custom-made corsets from e.g. SnowBlack Corsets.

Her cartilage is very soft and she can easily lace down to 20” even after not having worn a corset for a month. When she is wearing a corset and tight-laces she usually “stealth” it, meaning that she doesn’t show off her small waist but keeps it hidden by wearing loose hanging clothes over the corset.

TO.mTO Berlin

TO.mTO Berlin is a corset maker in Berlin that makes made to measure corsets. Founded in 2002 by Tonia Merz after she graduated as a fashion designer at the University of Applied Sciences for Technology and Economics in Berlin. She did long internships with Velda Lauder and Murray & Vern – both in the UK, which had a great influence on her.
They have a showroom in Berlin but also conduct corset salons around Germany, for example, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Stuttgart. They usually have 300 different corsets which can be tried before deciding. The showroom and the salons are currently by appointment only.
They offer a wide range of corsets and the photos show some of the more distinct styles. The price range for fabric corsets is €350 – €900.
TO.mTO Berlin is the link to their web site and they are also visible on social media.

Velvet Venom

Velvet Venom describes herself as a Corsetry lover, Tightlacer, Old soul, and Metalhead. She has reduced her waist size by 10 inches through corsetry. Her photos show dramatic curves with a significant hipspring in those corsets. She seems to favor corsets from Mystic City Corsets – – like their MCC16C, MCC112, and MCC254 using sizes around 24 – 25 inches.

Visit her page on Instagram to see more:

Curves for daaaays!
Wrapped up like a 🎁
Proud of these angles!
My momma blessed me with wide hips!