Su Moh Moh Naing

Su Moh Moh Naing in Yellow dress

Su Moh Moh Naing is a young woman from Bago in Myanmar with a remarkable waist and figure. Her waist size is 16½” with a bust size of 30″ and hip size of 35″. These measurements are without any corset or compression garments. She has been accused of altering or photoshopping her photos for her waist to look smaller. When looking at the videos you can see that these accusations are untrue. Just imagine if she was using a corset.

She is 21 years old and study Botany at university level. There has been a lot of publicity about her lately, including in some Western media.

You can find many photos and videos on her Facebook page at

Rita Fatima

Rita Fatima is a young woman that is interested in motivation and weight loss tips. She has a remarkable figure, even while not wearing a corset. Even more impressive when wearing a corset. Notice the uncorsetted waist measurement of 50 cm (20 inches).

She went through the common experience of first getting a corset that didn’t fit and was very uncomfortable. The corset she is wearing on the photos is actually an off-the-rack corset that she got about a year ago. This corset is so comfortable for her that she started to wear it almost every day. She recently made it smaller to suit her better, but she has not yet had a corset made specifically for her measurements.

Please take a look at her social media accounts and give supportive and positive feedback. She also seems to answer reasonable questions. You can keep any negative feedback to yourself or send them to me.

Lindsey Black

Lindsey Black is a makeup artist, an alternative model and brand ambassador for Orchard Corset. She is 33 years old, lives in Buffalo, New York, USA, has tight-laced since 2013, and is extremely passionate about tight-lacing. Lindsey is 165 cm tall and has a curvy figure with at waist size of 46 cm (18 inches) and a bust size of 97 cm (38 inches). She is an experienced model available for model assignments in Fashion, Glamour, and Pinup, and also for promotional work. For more information go to her Instagram page at and her page at Model Mayhem

Corset sculpture by Kalliopi Lemos

Corset sculture by Kalliopi Lemos

The Corset, Bra and Stiletto Heel sculptures by Kalliopi Lemos from the Gazelli Art House in Mayfair are on display in Golden Square gardens near Piccadilly Circus in London. The 2½ meters (8 feet) stainless steel sculptures, each weighing in at 120 Kg, are from the artist’s “Tools of Endearment” series that debate the position of women in society. Bra and Stiletto Heel has previously been on display, but Corset is a new addition.

The sculptures caused some controversy and some people expressed that the found them “dated and sexist”. Councillor Matt Noble response by saying that: “Public art is there to be challenging… I don’t agree that it’s sexist, and I don’t believe we should scrub the area of its history”.
They are planned to stay at this location for six months.

The artist’s web site:

Corset sculture by Kalliopi Lemos

Chloe Munnings

Chloe Munnings wearing a corset. (C) News Dog Media

The 26-year-old Chloe Munnings from Norfolk in England has a particular idea of how her ideal appearance should be and that’s having big boobs, big lips, a small nose, and a tiny waist. She does emphasize that she is not into the ‘bimbo’ look: ”I’m trying to remain as elegant as possible.”

Before she started her weight loss, diet, and transformation she had a weight of 92 Kg. She was bullied at school which resulted in low self-esteem and that she felt ugly. After loosing a remarkable 28 Kg she began to feel much more confident. She wears a corset 5 to 6 times per week and has had several cosmetic procedures. Her new appearance has drawbacks as she now gets a lot of criticism from other women. She remains determined to reach her goals.

An article about her: