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Lianna Haynes

Lianna Haynes has a very curvy figure when wearing a corset. She is a vintage-style singer and curvy model. Her repertoire is popular hits from the 50s and 60s and she can be booked within a radius of 400 km from Pulborough, West Sussex in England.

On her Instagram profile, she mostly wears 50´s style vintage dresses and corsets. The corsets show and emphasize her curvy figure. Go to @liannahaynes_vintagesinger to follow, like, and comment if you enjoy her work.

Imelda72’s new corset

Imelda72 found a new corset maker and is getting new corsets from Crimson Lily Atelier. You can see a corset and the result in the photos below. She believes that Karolina Rolska from Crimson Lily Atelier is a really skilled corset maker.

Previous photos of Imelda72 can be seen on and you can find more about Crimson Lily Atelier on or other of her social media accounts.

Waisted Farmgirl

Waisted Farmgirl is a hobby farmer from Idaho, USA. She enjoys feminine clothes, including corsets. She often wears corsets when leaving home, stealthing, and she has a whole wardrobe of custom made clothes that fit over her corsets. She got corsets from Crimson Lily Atelier, Jem Corsets, Isabella Corsetry and Tighter Corsets, but does not know how many corsets she owns.

Find more information and photos on her Instagram

Dress made-to-measure
Mockup of overbust corset
Mockup of overbust corset


Corsetprincess has worn corsets and tight-laced for a couple of weeks. As you can see in her photos, she displays a nicely corsetted and feminine figure. She currently laces to around 21 inches.

Her all time favorite
Feeling like a princess but unable to sit down
Mesh corset is super breathable for wear during hot seasons

See more on her Instagram account at:



Alice damaged three of the lower vertebrae of her lumbar region in an accident back in 2003, which left her with little mobility and in severe pain. She got a prescription for a medical back brace that she had to wear 24/7, only to remove it for bathing. While making slow progress she could not move far without the back brace.
She began to love the feeling of being firmly held, supported, and safe by the back brace. After taking up photography and dressing for selfies, she realized that she could try a real corset, which would be more attractive than her medical brace.
Her first corset gave her back the support she needed and over time she learned a lot more about corset wearing and tight-lacing, through studies and personal experience. Now she wears it not only to support her back but also for tight-lacing and waist training.
On her blog, she shares experiences in tight-lacing, waist training, the various types of corsets, wearing corsets for health and mental reasons and other related subjects.
Read more on her blog – Alice in Waistland – and follow, like and comment on her madtightlacer Instagram account.

The medical back brace
Conditioning her Mystic City 18” MCC-94