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Jessi has tightlaced since 2012 but not constantly. She is presumable from Maryland and has a natural, i.e. uncorsetted waist size of 26”. In 2020, she trained to reduce her 20” corsetted waist to 16”. She has achieved the 16”, and now her dream waist is 13”.

sadisticnitemare started wearing corsets from Orchard Corset like a CS-201 Waspie Underbust Mesh Corset, CS-301  Modern Curve Waspie or CS-411 Standard Underbust Cotton Corset, and lately is wearing a Cupped Gemini Corset from Timeless Trends.

She has accounts on social media, e.g. Twitter and Instagram –

The Boudoir Key

Elizabeth-Iryna is a corset maker who takes commissions for made-to-measure corsets and produces ready-made ones in various Victorian and Edwardian styles. Like other corset makers, she provides online ordering, and for made-to-measure corsets, the client must send their measurements, type of fabric and further details. She also offers a mock-up service, which increases delivery time and cost.

In addition to corsets, The Boudoir Key also sells related garments and Corset Patterns.

In 2022, she fled to Poland due to the situation in Ukraine. Unfortunately, Etsy prevents her from changing the location, but she is living in and shipping from Poland.

Her shop:

Victorian corset
1898 corset mock-up
1899 trumpet skirt
1910s longline mid-bust corset pattern

Michelle Ng

Michelle Ng is a bilingual writer and English writing coach based in Hong Kong. She is enthusiastic about vintage hair and cheongsam and is interested in using corsets to train her already tiny waist. She writes about culture and politics using the name Wu Ruoqi (吳若琦) and is currently studying for a university degree.

She has been waist training since August 2016 and mentions that her lower belly seems to protrude and thinks it is because her lower rib cage and her waist have become smaller by the waist training. Before corseting, her uncorsetted waist was 22 inches, and by 2018 it had shrunk to 21 inches. She tightened the corset slowly, didn’t feel any pain, and “taught” her ribs to get used to being compressed. She is now used to the sensation and finds it mildly pleasurable and comfortably wears 20” corsets – measured OVER the corset – which means that the inside measurement is about 18 inches.

More photos at:

18 inch overbust corset by absentia_veil
Uncorsetted in a Cheongsam
Custom corset by Sew Curvy

Lianna Haynes

Lianna Haynes has a very curvy figure when wearing a corset. She is a vintage-style singer and curvy model. Her repertoire is popular hits from the 50s and 60s and she can be booked within a radius of 400 km from Pulborough, West Sussex in England.

On her Instagram profile, she mostly wears 50´s style vintage dresses and corsets. The corsets show and emphasize her curvy figure. Go to @liannahaynes_vintagesinger to follow, like, and comment if you enjoy her work.

Imelda72’s new corset

Imelda72 found a new corset maker and is getting new corsets from Crimson Lily Atelier. You can see a corset and the result in the photos below. She believes that Karolina Rolska from Crimson Lily Atelier is a really skilled corset maker.

Previous photos of Imelda72 can be seen on and you can find more about Crimson Lily Atelier on or other of her social media accounts.