Imelda72 is a Swedish woman with a quite curvy figure. She has always been interested in corsets but after she got her first made to measure corsets 10 years ago, her interest intensified. Since then, she has waist-trained almost daily and her stats are now Bust 106 cm (42”), Waist 68 cm (27”), and Hips 110 cm (43”) measured over the corsets. She has 15 corsets and most of her corsets are custom made by SnowBlack Corsets – Two of her corsets are currently with the Corset Maker to accommodate a smaller size and an additional corset in leather is also ordered. Her curvy figure is not without challenges. The laces on a recently custom-made latex corset by Atsuko Kudo were too short to accommodate her bust and she had to replace them with longer laces.
She works as a teacher and naturally wears corsets while at work. Her partner supports Imelda72 in her corseting and her choice of appearance.
You can find more photos and information about her on various platforms including Instagram