Carbon Fibre Corset Bones

Carbon Fibre Corset Bones are available from Vena Cava Design in 12 mm (½ inch) and 24 mm (1 inch) widths and in various lengths. Over the years many types of material have been used to stiffen corset, including baleen from whales, steel, plastic and glass fiber. A typical modern corset has steel bones.

Bones made from carbon fibre are different from steel bones in two ways: They are much stiffer (24 times stiffer) and the are not detected by a metal detector. The greater stiffness allows to make corsets that are much stiffer or to explore new design. With carbon fibre bones the only remaining metal items in a corset are the grommets. If grommets were made of a non-metal material, we could have corsets that were safe from metal detectors and could be worn through security.