Corsetmaking DVDs

OmslagDVD_korset_2Boeken Bella Hendriks Modevakschool has made two boxes about corsetmaking. The description of the content is: “DVD-Box 1 with two DVDs, collect more than 2 hours of photomaterial about making a corset as underwear. How to take measures, making a basic pattern, making a mockup and how to adjust the pattern as a result of the mockup, the special material and techniques are explained clearly and in details. A second DVD-Box about corsetmaking has been released. Dvd-box 2 also contains two DVD’s (total 75 minutes). In this editon, the following subject are shown: Making a corset pattern for a corset with shoulderstraps, a corset with cups, additionally several variations of the basis pattern and how to make a corset with expandable edges. Both DVD-Boxes are priced at €32,95 (including shipment in the Netherlands). Audio on both boxes are in Dutch.”