Kasia Wolińska

Today we received information about a woman with a waist size of 30 centimeters in an email, a fellow corset enthusiast reports that he meet the wife of one of his business associates in Poland. The meeting took place in a private home in Rzeszów close to the Ukrainian border, where business and other subjects were discussed in informal atmosphere.

The wife of his associate was petite, about 155 – 160 cm tall in heels and very slim build. The most amazing was her incredibly small waist, which showed clearly in her figure hugging dress. It was really tiny, even for her small frame. During the meeting he commented her on her remarkable figure. Although communication has difficult, because she didn’t speak English very well, the husband helped by translating. She explained that was wearing a tightly laced corset and that right now her waist measured a fraction over 30 cm, but she usually kept it 1 – 2 cm looser when going out of the home.  She also emphasized that she always wears loose clothes over her waist, because she doesn’t like unpleasant attention.

Growing up under difficult situations around the city of Chelm, she moved to Rzeszów as young teenager. Having always been very slim, she often wore tight belts to compress her waist and stomach. She discovered corsets, but was unable to afford them. Since she already had become proficient in altering clothes (regular clothes didn’t fit her because of her size and build), began making undergarments that would compress her waist, and later building corset. When she was around 18 or 19, her corset was of so good quality that they could be laced really tight, and she wore corset most of the time. She thinks that she started with a waist size of about 52 cm and when she turned 26 she had reached her current size of 30 cm when measured over the corset. Remaining at the size for more than 2 years, she does want or have any plans to become smaller, as she is quite content with her current shape.

For privacy reasons, photos are not available for publication. He tells that it a very interesting meeting on the 1 April, but that the meeting tomorrow will take place at the office.