Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson is a young woman living in Georgia, USA. A few years ago, she was not happy with her figure and size and started to eat differently. She saw another woman wearing a corset, got interested, and began wearing one, and she soon started to tight lace, and even do rib training. Among her reasons to wear corsets is that they provide back support, she feels confident and likes the way she looks. One of her methods to adjust her weight is to do intermittent fastening, where she doesn´t eat for a certain amount of time. Because of her diet, and with the help of corsets, she has achieved a significant weight loss.

She went from 22 inches to 16 inches in 10 months and she is pursuing to be able to wear 15-inch corsets. Like many other persons wearing corsets, she gets unsolicited criticism and rude comments, which she usually ignores.

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