Sarah Vaeth

Sarah Vaeth on Barcroft TV

Sarah Vaeth is 43-year-old woman with a passion for corsets and interest in getting a very small waist size. She is a recruiter, social media marketing manager, painter, model and extreme tightlacer and lives in the Portland area of Oregon in USA with her husband Ron and their daughter. She first tried corsets in 2012 to help with her posture, because she was developing a hunched neck and shoulders, and immediately became hooked-on the look of the hour-glass shape it gave her. Her first corset measured 24 inches and at the time, her uncorsetted waist fluctuated around 27 to 28 inches. She took a break from corseting when she got pregnant but began again in late 2014, few days after giving birth, and has consistently worn corsets since then. Getting down to 18 inches was smooth. Currently, she can lace down to 16 inches and wear it for a couple of hours and says than once she is comfortable at 16 inches, she will go for 15.
Her interest goes beyond wearing corsets and includes the history of corsets. For her it is no longer about the aesthetics but the challenge, and she is curious on how small she can become. She wants to match the smallest world record of a currently living person, which is held by Cathie Jung or maybe beat it. However, once she has reached that, she is not sure she will remain there. Corseting is a part of her life but not all her life.

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