Sophia Vegas

Sophia Vegas. It means good morning for Germany and good night for me ??The 31- year old German born reality TV person and showgirl recently announce that she was pregnant and engaged. She had her 2 lower pair of ribs removed in 2017 to help her attain a small waist, and also stated that she wants to have the world smallest waist. She has also underwent other cosmetic procedures, including breasts and nose.

Sophia Vegas was born 1 September 1987 in East Berlin as Sophia Hildebrand. In Germany, she studied Journalism, media design and market research, and worked as an independent real estate agent. Her first husband was Bert Wollersheim, which runs several establishments in the red-light district of Dusseldorf. In a recent announcement, she stated that she is engaged to the French-born businessman Daniel Charlier (52), with whom she is also 4 months pregnant.

An official measurement of her corsetted figure, but her waist size is often stated to be 47 cm (18½ inches).

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